Face Masks

Most existing brands offer ready to use face masks, which mean extra preservatives going on to our skin.

The solution? Dry powdered face masks!

Our Real Superfood Powdered Face Masks contain No Preservatives, Perfumes, Alcohol, Parabens, synthetic colours or Phthalates and they get the job done.

Instead, they are chock full of minerals, amazing vitamins, proteins, essential fats and enzymes delivered straight into your skin, for real and lasting benefits.

We all know that spa facials are truly decadent and effective so try to nourish your face with our Face Masks that are All Natural and chemical-free at least twice per week. There’s no better feeling than using pure, natural ingredients that soothe and nourish your skin.

Simply mix well 1 teaspoon of the mask powder with equal amount of water until the consistency is paste like. Apply over your face, lay back, close your eyes and relax while your face is getting fabulous! Then wash it off with a lukewarm water.

And whomp! Cleansed, moisturized, toned skin in a pinch. You'll be obsessed with your silky-soft, radiant skin. Enjoy it!