Face Toners

Unlike many other Face toners, our Toners are Alcohol-Free and therefore will not cause your skin to become dry and irritated. Here at SoSimple you can find the best toner for glowing skin. What does face toner do? Facial toners prepare your face for moisturisers and serums after getting rid of excess oil and dirt. 

We recommend applying toner both morning and evening as the next step after face cleansing. 

Chances are you’ve heard the beauty term "toner" thrown around when people discuss their skincare regimen. Maybe it’s even part of your routine, but you’re not quite sure how it works. ⠀

The older generation of toners tended to be extremely drying and really unnecessary for most skin types. These days, toners do just the opposite. Many are alcohol-free (our toners  and are no longer limited to treating acne and oily skin.⠀

Face Toner is similar to water but packed with other beneficial ingredients like hydrosols, Panthenol, and other skincare essentials.⠀

Toner goes on after cleansing and exfoliating—day or night, or both. You can spritz it onto the face to set makeup or after a workout to give yourself a little ‘skin shower!⠀

3 more reasons to try a Face Toner/Mist (it does far more than just hydrating & refreshing your skin!)⠀
Face mist is our absolutely Must Have beauty essential!⠀

That's because it's the kind of product that you'd never know you needed—but once you try, can't live without:⠀

1. Mix with any of our Face Oils or Face Serum to boost hydration and lock in moisture.⠀

2. Mix with Cleansing Grains instead of water to create a gentle gommage.⠀

3. Use as a Face Mask activator to add an extra goodness.⠀

SoSimple Skincare offers 2 different Face Toners that are suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and eczema-prone.⠀A few spritzes of our refreshing Face Toners will allow your moisturizer (applied next) to seal in all the hydrating and performance ingredient deep within the skin.

Apply in the morning to boost the hydration and to set makeup & later in the day for a dewy boost.

Our Face Toners work great as an activator for our Powder Face Masks.